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Dial Integration - Wireless/ Wired

Hardware and Software customization with SPC for data capturing from all digital gauges (E.g... Mitutoyo, tesa...). Real time data tracking for parameters as specified by customer. We also provide solutions for conversion of digital gauges by interfacing with - PLC # CPU # wirelessly with data storage.



Key features:
  • To capture all quality data (parameters) from each indivisual dial gauges on the machine at supplier end through Task Data Acquisation System.
  • To interface this data on a real time basis to a task unit to task smart systems wireless or wired communicate with - # PLC # HMI # CPU all three platform

Task Sollution Expectation:

  1. To provide Data Acquisition solution (Hardware and Software) to capture data from digital gauges, to Task Smart Client System.
  2. To provide data acquisition software on all platforms - PLC # HMI # cpu with complete SPC Software and Data Storage and can communicate with client servers