Decoding the Multi-gauging of a Cylinder Block

Task is a leading force in the multi-gauging industry in India since the last three decades with systems designed and manufactured for all the top auto industries and engine manufacturers across different Indian Industrial hubs. We take a look at multi-gauging in this article which will help you understand the technology behind multi-gauging in simple words. Multi-gauging of a cylinder block is one of the most important processes on the engine manufacturing line and plays a critical role in whether the block is ok for assembly or not.

What is Multi-gauging of a cylinder block? 

An automated multi-gauging system for a cylinder block is deployed on the line to measure and inspect upto 100 conventional parameters within 100 seconds with online SPC analysis at an accuracy of upto 0.001 mm.

multi-gauging of a two wheeler
Cylinder Block of a two wheeler

Some even go up to an accuracy of 0.0001 mm and can only be achieved in a controlled environment.

Such results are only obtained when the system used to do the job are manufactured by experienced technicians using top notch machines with a high level of quality control and excellence in design.

What is measured in a multi-gauging system for a cylinder block?

Shown below are some examples of cylinder blocks from two wheelers, four wheelers and tractors with a few conventional parameters denoted

multi-gauging of a cylinder head
Some parameters of a cylinder block measured using multi-gauging systems
multi-gauging of a cylinder head
Some parameters of a two wheeler cylinder block measured using multi-gauging systems

Cylinder Bore Diameter, Bore Ovality, Bore taper, Bore cylindricity, Bore perpendicularity, Concentricity of cam bore w.r.t crank bore, Crank bore diameter, Crank bore ovality, Crank bore taper, Cam bore diameter, Length of all the bores, Center distance of all the bores, Crank bore axis distance w.r.t face, Perpendicularity of crank bore axis w.r.t piston bore, Crush height, Grading are some of the important parameters that the Task Cylinder Block Multi Gauging System checks.

How does a basic Multi-gauging Station work?

The measuring station is a high speed performing machine made of a robust structure with its entire X & Y axis Precision Movements controlled by high definition FLC/PLC Controllers, Hydraulic Cylinders, Precision Slides and in- house customized software to suit the shop floor condition and environment for 100% inspection of all the manufactured components having Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R) within 10% of the total tolerance.

Let us now take you through some of the important components of a multigauging system which are so critical to achieve the accuracy desired.

  1. Special design and controls are used for loading and unloading to eliminate any human intervention during gauging. The video below shows how the TASK multi-gauging system loads the cylinder block
  2. Task’s cylinder block multi-gauging system is a complete electronic gauging system in which the measurement is done with the help of electronic LVDT probes. The probes along with the electronics are the heart of the system. Marposs /Solatron or our Task-made probes are the most commonly used probes in Task Systems.
  3. The video below is a fascinating video showing the processes involved in measuring some of  the parameters of a cylinder block on a multi-gauging station!
  4. The in built software performs SPC analysis on the data received from the multi-gauging system. Desired reports are generated for a number of applications
So what makes Multi-gauging Systems so special?

We take you through some of the manufacturing processes involved in the manufacturing of certain components of the multi-gauging system

  1. All Contact Plugs viz Liner, Crank & Cam plugs are hardened, Sub Zero Treated & Chrome plated for accuracy & wear resistance.
  2. An Air nozzle is present at the entry of the plugs for cleaning of dust & moisture present in the cylinder block crank, cam & liner bores.
  3. Automated air plug gauges check small bores like timing & idling bores
  4. Base bed of the fixture is made of C-channels with ribs of MS plates welded on it. The fixture is stress relieved & ground for maintaining accuracy & robustness.
  5. Fixture is also dull chrome plated for corrosion free resistance & long life.
  6. Special roller conveyors are designed for easy sliding of the cylinder block.

The level of accuracy expected from a multi-gauging systems only  achieved  when the system used to do the job is manufactured by experienced technicians using top notch machines with a high level of quality control and excellence in design. 

About TASK Precision Industries

Task Precision Industries are a leading manufacturer of Universal & Customized Gauging Systems, Gauging Automation Systems & Low Cost Automation Projects with in house mechanical, software and electronic expertise which gives them total control over the manufacturing and quality control of their systems.



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